North Coast Range Project
Hike Recaps

See what you have been missing. Here are recaps of some of this season's hikes into unprotected wilderness along the north coast. We will return to some of these areas later in the year so check the Hike Calendar and get out into our public wild lands.

King Range - May 26, 27

Our exhilarating excursion began on Saturday with 14 of us hiking the Kinsey Ridge Trail north to Spanish Ridge, a big open grassland. Saturday evening most of us relaxed together at our car-camp, while 3 hikers headed off for a few days of back packing along the beach. Sunday morning 11 of us started south from North Slide peak toward Kings Peak. The wildflowers were magnificent, especially in the areas burned 7 years ago. Weather on Sunday was mostly clear although fog blanketed us a few times. We
did see Black Sands beach intermittently. We all had a good time, were
very tired after an 18 mile weekend, and had a classic King Range experience.

Join another King Range weekend August 18, 19. Saturday day hike the King Crest north to King Peak, carcamp at BLM Tolken campground and Sunday hike to the beach.
Coho Confab will be happening simultaneously 20 minutes south at BLM Nadelos campground on the edge of the Chemise Mountain PW.

Lassics - July 7, 2001

From atop the brown mudstone that is Black Lassic, 28 hikers looked out upon magnificent old growth forest of Douglas fir, Incense cedar, and Sugar and Jeffery pine. Numerous flowers were blooming in this federally designated Botanical Area. The chemically unique ultramaphic soils of the Lassics make it home to many rare and endemic plants. Bob Wunner and other members of the California Native Plant Society added to our knowledge of the wonderfully unique plant communities of the area.

From the peak of Black Lassic it was possible to see the regional significance of proposed wilderness protection. From this one spot we could see unprotected wilderness areas including the King Range, Mt. Sanhedrin, Yuki, Yolla Bolly additions, Cahto, Red Mountain, Chanchuella, and Russian and Marbles additions.

North Fork Eel River Additions - July 21 and 22, 2001